Free from guilt, able to be more open

“I have had an epiphany while talking with Ana.
I learnt to speak for the other person to hear myself say out loud the reasons she was resentful towards me… oh what an eye opener!!
It’s a technique I hadn’t used before. It helped me to step outside of the situation and really look in.
Ana led me and listened, but honestly didn’t feel judged, but free from guilt and able to be more open.
If you like me and wonder where to find someone to listen, to help guide you through a process of self help, then look no further than Ana at The Moonstone Practice.
I aim to follow up with more sessions.”
Debbie, Birmingham, UK

Cut through the mental clutter

“Ana helped me cut through the mental clutter to articulate exactly what my goals were and the steps I needed to take in order to reach them. She then held me accountable for those steps!
During my time with Ana, I launched a blog, successfully stuck to my fitness regime, started my business research and gave up sugar. She believed in me, allowing me to believe in myself and silence the critics in my head. 
If you are looking for the next step up – be it personal or professional, try Ana. She will challenge you to meet your dreams without leaving you stressed or burnt out.”
Natalie, Coventry, UK

I can live the life I really want

“Without Ana’s input I feel I would have easily remained in a kind of fog, continuing to live my life in a less than satisfactory way.
I now have tools that I can utilise to bring me round to my new way of looking at and working through life. This is so I can live the life I really want.
I will be forever grateful for the time I spent with Ana, having such invaluable sessions with her. They have been the catalyst I have so desperately yearned for, in order to bring about the life I really want to live.
Ana is the most amazing guide. Any person considering Ana as a coach will be well advised to grab the opportunity. Make sure you bring an open mind and an open heart ready for the amazing changes you can affect.”
Amalia, Birmingham, UK

Help you work through your thoughts and ideas

“I thought I had a good idea of what I was going to discuss with Ana before our first call. But once the conversation got flowing it gradually became clear it was going in a completely different direction (in a good way).
Ana is very intuitive and by asking the right questions, she really got to the real thing I needed to talk about, or work through. This lead to the other weekly calls becoming more focused and very thought provoking and have purpose. Getting to the crux of my issue of maybe not doing the right thing business wise made everything else easier to discuss.
Long term goals I can deal with, but very short term timelines I find hard… So we worked through this. Ana really helped me break down the process of tasks. Stating what tasks I’ll do from beginning to end and timeline. It helped tremendously. I’ve used this method since to help with parts of my planning.
Ana really delved in and kept the coaching calls on topic. She didn’t let me gloss over things when she could feel it was no quite right with me. She could sense when maybe things were a challenge for me and helped tease out the issue when I couldn’t really explain it in my own words.
Ana will tell you the truth, she will challenge you, she won’t give you the answer. She will help you work through your thoughts and ideas, question them to make sure you’ve looked at things from different aspects. Then help you get to work in the right order.”
Nicola, Southampton, UK

Very powerful breakthroughs

“I managed to manifest some time with Ana.
She is amazing.
I had two very powerful breakthroughs with her.
She has this amazing gift of listening carefully to what you share and translating it into something that for me was ‘Omg, that’s incredible’.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Ana. One of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with.
You’re amazing Ana :)”
Helen, UK