the authentic confidence program

new and improved in 2020
with added topics and activities

same price as last year to help you through these difficult times.

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This is a ladies-only program, which means I’ve tailored it specifically to women just like you, who want to become more self-assured and assertive. 

Over 12 weeks I’ll give you my best tools/exercises/activities/techniques to build your Authentic Confidence–ALL THE KNOWLEDGE I’ve gained in my own personal journey to building up my confidence, assertiveness, and resilience. 

Here’s what’s inside:

the 6 KEYS of authentic confidence


    This step will help you understand yourself better. If you’ve already done a lot of work on yourself, this step will help you put everything together and might even surprise you with new insights.We’ll also talk about how to stop procrastinating and beat perfectionism.
    The next step is learning to accept and value who you are. This is not about being complacent and not doing anything about the things that you’re not happy with.  
    We’ll also look at limiting beliefs and how to remove them, and how to beat your inner critic.

    The next thing to do is to start learning how to be who you really are. We’ll look at fears, people-pleasing, getting out of your comfort zone, etc. 
    We’ll touch on imposter syndrome and showing up confidently. We’ll also look into how to stop comparing yourself with others.

    This is all about taking responsibility for everything that is going on in your life.
    It may not be your fault (entirely), but it’s within your power to decide how you’re going to react to events and how much you allow them to influence you. 
    We’re going to talk about failure and how to make it work for you, not against you. Another topic we’ll be covering is self-accountability as a way to build confidence.

    We’ll touch on how to communicate efficiently with others, how to set boundaries, how to ask for the things that you want in a constructive way.
    Other topics will cover how to manage your emotional responses and express your opinions.
    This step will be all about how to plan and execute on your plans, build a support network, become resilient, create powerful habits, learn from your mistakes, and make changes last.


This program will help you:

  • Stop procrastinating and delaying decisions;
  • Stop doubting yourself and asking for other’s approval or advice all the time;
  • Start speaking up and standing up for yourself, without the fear of being rejected;
  • Beat procrastination and perfectionism and start finishing things;
  • Show up in the world as your authentic self;
  • Stop living to other people’s expectations;
  • Stop asking for approval from the outside and start valuing yourself more;
  • Put in place firm boundaries for yourself and be comfortable saying ‘no’;
  • Evaluate yourself realistically and don’t be afraid of saying ‘I don’t know’;
  • Stop comparing with others and know your self-worth;
  • Beat your inner critic;
  • Stop feeling like an impostor;
  • Stop fearing rejection and judgment from others;
  • Stop talking yourself down and start building yourself up;
  • Stop thinking of yourself as a failure and start appreciating your strengths and achievements;
  • Prove to yourself that it’s not too late.

what you'LL get

  • LIFETIME ACCESS to 36 LESSONS! (3 lessons/week) – this means you can go through it at your own pace, and stop and restart as many times as you want!
  • DIRECT ACCESS TO ME via the SUPPORT GROUP for the duration of the course (3 months) where you can ask me any question related to the course and the activities/exercises!
  • EVERYTHING for just £297.00. After the first intakes, I have more than tripled the price of the program, seeing the amazing results that the first group of ladies who went through the program got.


Monica had this to say about the program:

“After attending the online 10 days Authentic Confidence Challenge, it became very clear for me that I must improve my self-confidence if I wanted to see a real progress both in my personal and my professional life. 
I realized then that I could not go any further with trying all the time to satisfy others around me (my children, my parents, my friends, even my colleagues), disregarding my personal needs and wishes, and therefore, always putting myself second. 
Maybe I thought that I was happy if they were happy, but the truth is that I was never really happy and satisfied with most of my decisions (which were influenced by others’ expectations from me). 
Also, I realized that it was hard for me to say “no” when I needed to. Thus, being more assertive when expressing my opinions, my feelings and my needs was also something that I had to improve about myself. 
So, I decided to follow the Authentic Confidence Program, hoping to find out more things about me and what holds me back and ways to overcome these barriers. 
Having this in mind, I started reading and working on the lessons uploaded on the platform of the program, and I can honestly say that each and every lesson helped me discover myself, provided me insights and revelations that I had never had before and made me find solutions and act to implement them, in order to change the things from my life that I was not very happy about. 
Furthermore, I gained the necessary self-confidence to make a step forward in my career and I started to be a Soft Skills Trainer for my colleagues, even if in the past I was not very confident when I had to speak in public. 
And I can say that becoming part of the training team in my organization was one of my strongest desires for the last two years, but I have never had the courage to embrace this challenge before attending this Authentic Confidence Program
I strongly recommend the Program to every woman who wants to improve her self-confidence, and therefore her life.” 

–Monica, Bucharest, Romania

Cristina added:

After a 10 days challenge with Ana, I continued with the Authentic Confidence Program as Ana’s expertise and strategy inspired a great amount of trust. Not only in her capabilities and the help she can offer but also in the idea that if you follow the right program and you choose the right coach you can set the goal to improve your self-confidence and start prioritizing what you have to do to build on trusting yourself more with each day.

The program suits any schedule and character, one day you can just read a lesson, or write an exercise, another day you are encouraged to think deeper on an issue following the questions at the end of each lesson. Of course, you can ask for feedback at any time and discuss any challenges you encounter.

Personally, I wanted to work on issues like being more assertive, having a voice and expressing it loud and clear, saying no to people when my values and principles are not aligned with them, making decisions on my own and trusting them, discovering my abilities and skills, and making good use of them.
I would definitely recommend the program, it is like a step-by-step manual that you have the power to control and use the way it best fits your personality, plans for the future, actual problems you deal with and so on.
I would tell any woman interested in the program that she will not be alone, that we are all in this together, that Ana is her friend, and that no matter what had happened in the past, there are many, many good and kind-hearted people out there.

I would tell her to be kind to herself, to believe that she is her own heroine, but to embrace and receive all the help that comes in her way, starting with this program. 

–Cristina, London, UK

what's the investment?

Your investment is only £297 and the time you put into implementing the program.

For this money, if you implement what I show you in the program, you will get amazing confidence and a brand new life, on your terms. I think that’s great value for money!

30-days money-back guarantee

I’m offering you a 100% 30-Days No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee.

This means you get the first 30 days FREE! Try it out and decide if it’s what you want and need.

If it isn’t, or you just don’t like the program, all you have to do is email me at ana[at] and tell me you want a refund (no reason required!) and I’ll be happy to refund you.


That’s absolutely fine! I’m glad you do, because it shows assertiveness.

Drop me an email at ana[at] and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have!

i'm interested, what next?

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Looking forward to working together 🙂

See you on the other side!



Ana is amazing. I had two very powerful breakthroughs with her in only a few sessions.

She has this amazing gift of listening carefully to what you share and translating it into something that for me was ‘Omg, that’s incredible’.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Ana.

One of the best coaches I’ve ever worked with. You’re amazing Ana 🙂
Life Coach and Blogger, UK&NZ