Elementor #2083


This is going to be THE BEST CONFIDENCE BUILDING PROGRAM you have ever done in your life, full stop.

This offer expires Monday 18th of November at 12.00 noon.

This is a ladies-only program.

In the 12 weeks I’ll give you my best tools/exercises/activities/techniques to build your Authentic Confidence–you know, the one that comes from within and doesn’t need external approval or support.

We’ll talk about:

  • SELF-AWARENESS – Understanding who I really am;
  • SELF-WORTH – Accepting and valuing who I am;
  • AUTHENTICITY – Being who I really am;
  • RESPONSIBILITY – Taking full responsibility of my life;
  • ASSERTIVENESS – Communicating confidently with the world;
  • RESILIENCE – Building ways to support the changes I make in the long term.
What this program will do is help you:
  • Stop procrastinating and delaying decisions;
  • Stop doubting yourself and asking for other’s approval or advice all the time;
  • Start speaking up and standing up for yourself, without the fear of being rejected;
  • Reduce your perfectionism and start finishing things;
  • Show up in the world as your authentic self;
  • Stop living up to other people’s expectations;
  • Stop asking for approval from the outside and start valuing yourself more;
  • Put in place firm boundaries for yourself and be comfortable saying ‘no’;
  • Evaluate yourself realistically and don’t be afraid of saying ‘I don’t know’;
  • Stop comparing with others and know your self-worth;
  • Stop fearing rejection and judgment from others;
  • Stop talking yourself down and start building yourself up;
  • Stop thinking of yourself as a failure and start appreciating your strenghts and achievements;
  • Prove to yourself and others that is not too late.
What you get:
  • lifetime access to the course content – this means you can go through it at your own pace, and stop and restart as many times as you want;
  • access to me via support group for the duration of the course (3 months) where you can ask me any question related to the course and activities;
Sound good?

Let’s make it happen!

To join the course, click the I WANT IN! button below and make the payment.

See you on the other side!

Ana x

P.S. By purchasing the program you agree to be contacted via email regarding any aspects of the program, including, but not limited to, invoices, receipts, updates, news, etc.