Tired of not showing up into the world as who you really are because you fear what others think and being rejected? Had enough of putting yourself last? Or maybe you just want to speak up and be taken seriously.

Hi, I’m Ana. My ‘thing’ is helping women get from feeling ‘not good enough’ to being confidently themselves, no matter what. I truly believe that if women would have the confidence to unapologetically express who they are, they would be much happier and more fulfilled–and the world would be a better place!

So, that’s my mission: to help women like you show up, stand up and speak up confidently. The world can thank me later. 🙂 

In my coaching, training, and mentoring I combine intuition with science to help you explore your inner world in depth. This will allow you to get to the root-causes of your confidence and mindset issues and target them effectively.

I became a coach because I felt that I could help other women take the journey I took, only faster and with less heartache. You see, I started from such low self-confidence that I was having difficulties calling a taxi. Yes, true story.

Being a coach, trainer and mentor allows me to give back to the world all of the things I’ve learnt throughout my journey. I’ve battled low self-confidence, self-doubt, procrastination, perfectionism, introversion, fears and limiting beliefs, anxiety, etc.

And I came out the other side with a message for all the women out there: you are worthy, able and good enough–all you need to do is stop defining yourself through other people’s eyes.

Enough about me. Reach out and let’s connect!

You can email me at ana[at]themoonstonepractice.co.uk or use the links below to reach me on social media.

Here’s to being confidently ourselves,

Ana x


Ana helped me cut through the mental clutter to articulate exactly what my goals were and the steps I needed to take in order to reach them. She then held me accountable for those steps!
During my time with Ana, I launched a blog, successfully stuck to my fitness regime, started my business research and gave up sugar. She believed in me, allowing me to believe in myself and silence the critics in my head.
If you are looking for the next step up – be it personal or professional, try Ana. She will challenge you to meet your dreams without leaving you stressed or burnt out.
Email Marketing Consultant, Coventry, UK