Why Your Ideas Don’t Matter Much–And How To Change That

Why Your Ideas Don't Matter Much--And How To Change That

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Many years ago I was in a taxi, on my way back home from a meeting.
As I was sitting in the back reading some papers, I could hear an operator over the radio station, listing names and places, and asking the drivers to confirm who could pick up which client.
Then, my driver picks up and replies he can pick up this client from a location near my house, in 5 minutes. The operator confirms and carries on with listing names and places.
And then, it crosses my mind. I tell my driver:
‘Wouldn’t it be great if all taxis would have GPS tracking and show up on a map, so the office would know who to send where?’
The reaction of the driver was priceless;
‘Are you mad? That would be the worst thing ever! What do you mean, that I’ll be told where to go and who to pick up? That’s just mad. Who would benefit from that? I wouldn’t, for sure. That will never happen.’
I did try to explain the benefits, but he would have none of it. 
So we left it at that, as in my head I was amusing myself thinking how the driver would go on to speak with his mates and tell them this crazy lady had suggested that all taxis should be tracked by GPS, and how they’ll never be able to stop for coffee when they feel like it during a shift.
Fast forward to present day, Uber has been making billions of pounds with this model, taking by surprise the taxi industry.
The difference between me and Uber?
I got home, told my husband about it, and then forgot about it.
Uber took action, and made it a reality.
So, the moral of the story is: ideas/dreams/goals are cheap, commitment/perseverance/discipline are expensive.
Anyone can have a dream, but how many of us are going to put in the effort to make it happen?
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