Life Purpose: How to Find It

How To Find Your Life Purpose

Life purpose. 

Grand words. Lofty concept. Philosophical. Existential. Daunting to think about it.

And why should you? 
We’re all going to die anyway.
Does it REALLY matter if you achieve anything in this life?
So what if you make it into the history book? Will anyone care? They’ll all be dead anyway.
Alright, I might have taken it a bit too far.
But still, these are all valid questions. And yes, we and all those whose lives we’ll have helped (if we choose to aim for something like that in life) will die.
So, why bother saving the world?
Well, let me start by saying that a life purpose doesn’t have to be about inventing penicillin, or stopping World War Three (although that would be a really cool thing to do).
It doesn’t have to be about saving the world.
But, it does have to be about saving yourself.
Wait, what?
Yep, your life purpose should serve your soul and heart first and foremost.
Hint: life purpose, not world purpose.
It should resonate with who you ARE, and what you BELIEVE in.
Because only then will it be able to spark drive, motivation, passion.
If it’s in resonance with who you are and what you believe in, then it will come naturally to you and you will believe in your purpose with all your heart. You will feel you have been born for it.
And that is where magic happens.
The resonance and authenticity will permeate everything you do, and people will be naturally drawn to you, inspired by you, and ready to support you.
But, more importantly, YOU will feel like your life has a meaning, and that is a self-replenishing source of happiness.
But I digress.
So, if it’s about you, isn’t that selfish?
How is this a good thing? you ask.
I’ve got you covered.
Just imagine that every single human on Earth has found their life purpose and is living it. They’re happy and content with their lives. Happy people are naturally more inclined to do good, help others, contribute. How about that for social change.
You know, Leo Tolstoy once said ‘Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.’
What that means is that when you find your life purpose and live it, you contribute to making this world a better place.
And, if enough of us do the same, we can change the world for the better.
Moreover, if we teach our children how to find their purpose, and they teach their children the same, and their children’s children, we can safely say that our example saved the human race and made this world a better place for many generations to come.
Alright, enough with the abstract stuff. Back to the nitty-gritty.
How do you find your life purpose?
Here are some ideas to guide you:
– Let go of ‘saving the world’ expectations. See above for why it’s OK to aim lower than stopping WWIII. We all have a place in this world and it’s up to each and everyone of us to find it for ourselves.
– Think about who you are. Take away all your labels, descriptions, roles, etc. that you and those around you use to define you and understand who you are. Take away man-made labels like Christian, stay-at-home mum, accountant, wife, etc. What are you left with? That’s who you are.
– Imagine you are 90 years old and are looking back on your life. What would you want to see? How will you have lived your life so that you can say ‘I’ve had a rich, fulfilling life’?
– Think of the things that take you to a state of flow, that make you forget to wee and poo (that is forget about your basic needs).
– If you could only do one thing your whole life, what would that be?
– What makes your heart sing? What makes you happy, content, purposeful?
– What do you feel the need to express, to live? What’s been hidden inside you that you’ve always wanted to bring to the surface?
– Is there anything you want to tell the world?
– What will your contribution in/impact on the world be? No matter what you choose as your life purpose (unless it’s about harming others, which I really, really hope it’s not the case), find how that contributes to a better world.Look at all the things that come up repeatedly and try to create a statement about what your life purpose is.
I’m not expecting you to be able to do it just like that, this is work that can sometimes take years.
But, you need to start somewhere.
How about you start right here, right now.
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