Coaching, training and mentoring for women who want to become confident, assertive and resilient.

Are you struggling with low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, perfectionism, procrastination, fear of failure, imposter syndrome and more of the same?

Do you want to change all this but don’t know how?

Are you worried you’ll never be confident enough to get what you want?

Are you scared of what would happen if you did become self-assured?


Don’t worry, just read on.

Your first step:

Find out what areas of your life suffer the most from your low self-confidence and what you need to work on first. 

Download the CONFIDENCE SELF-ASSESSMENT WORKSHEET and take the first step on the journey to revealing the confident YOU.

how i can help


Do you feel the need for personal support on your journey to becoming confident and self-assured? Is time running out for you? Are you ready to fully invest in yourself?

Individual coaching sessions are the quickest way to achieve your desired results. You have my undivided attention and get unlimited support between sessions.

Read on to find out how my coaching packages can help you build YOUR Authentic Confidence.


Do you need direct help and support from me as you go through my training and coaching programs to build your confidence?

Then having me as your mentor is the best option. During our mentoring, there will be a blend of working on your own through one or more of my programs and face-to-face conversations relating to your struggles.

Find out how my mentoring approach can support you on your journey to building your confidence.


Do you like to working at your own pace? Are you a self-starter, can motivate yourself, and don't need personalised input? Want to test out my coaching approach in a flexible framework?

Online programs and courses are the perfect option for you, as they offer a great taster of my approach, at your pace, for those who are self-driven.

Read more about my online programs and see how you can work at your own pace.


Without Ana’s input I feel I would have easily remained in a kind of fog, continuing to live my life in a less than satisfactory way. I now have tools that I can utilise to bring me round to my new way of looking at and working through life. This is so I can live the life I really want.
I will be forever grateful for the time I spent with Ana, having such invaluable sessions with her. They have been the catalyst I have so desperately yearned for, in order to bring about the life I really want to live.
Ana is the most amazing guide. Any person considering Ana as a coach will be well advised to grab the opportunity.
Make sure you bring an open mind and an open heart ready for the amazing changes you can affect.
Language Tutor and Artist, Birmingham, UK


I have had an epiphany while talking with Ana.
I learnt to speak for the other person to hear myself say out loud the reasons she was resentful towards me… oh what an eye opener!!
It’s a technique I hadn’t used before. It helped me to step outside of the situation and really look in.
Ana led me and listened, but honestly didn’t feel judged, but free from guilt and able to be more open.
If you're like me and wonder where to find someone to listen, to help guide you through a process of self help, then look no further than Ana at The Moonstone Practice.
I aim to follow up with more sessions.
Retired, West Bromwich, UK