Coaching, training and mentoring for women who WANT MORE OUT OF LIFE

Most women struggle to be genuinely and confidently themselves in life and at work. 

Living like this is making them anxious, depressed and deeply unhappy. They waste their potential and never make their dreams come true.

 So I’ve created The Moonstone Practice, the place where women learn to understand, value and express who they really are, unapologetically.

Because when they are confidently themselves life makes sense again and dreams come true.


To be confident and unapologetically yourself you need to understand who you are, to value yourself and to start showing it to the world. 

The problem is that you 

don’t trust yourself enough, 

don’t think you’re worthy of good things,

care too much about what others think of you,

take on too many responsibilities,

put others’ needs before yours,

are afraid of what being confidently yourself would look like.

No woman should feel like she’s wasting herself and life is passing her by, when she could be and do so much more with it!

 That’s why I’ve created specialist coaching/mentoring/training programs where you can explore who you are, learn to value yourself and figure out how to best bring your true self to the world, so life can start making sense again and your dreams can come true.

start where you're at


Do you want personalised help to build your confidence?

In our coaching journey together we get to the core issues you're struggling with and find the most suitable solutions, that fit your lifestyle.

We make a plan and work together on implementing it so you can get the results you need and find calm and happiness again.

The journey includes 12 weekly 1-hr sessions every month with unlimited support in-between sessions via email/messaging.

Your investment: £1,500 and your time and effort. Payment plans are available.
30-days money back guarantee, whatever the reason.

The reward: a happy and exciting life, where you feel valued and appreciated for who you are.

Imagine how much your life will change for the better by working with me to build your Authentic Confidence.

the authentic confidence program

Do you like to working at your own pace?

The Authentic Confidence Program is my flagship training for women who want to use my approach to Authentic Confidence at their own pace.

12 weeks of deep exploration through reflection, journaling, and exercises, with full support from myself in a dedicated Support Group.

Your investment: £297 (lifetime access).
30-days money back guarantee, whatever the reason.

If you put in the time and effort, I guarantee this program will change your life forever.

the decluttering for happiness program

Do you feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of things, people, issues, feelings, responsibilities, etc. in your life?

It's time you cut down on pretty much everything so you can regain your balance and calm.

We look at decluttering ALL the areas of your life, from your house to your relationships and everything in between.

In 12 weeks you'll go from overwhelmed to in control. From depressed and anxious to calm and happy.

Your investment: £297 (lifetime access).
30-days money back guarantee, whatever the reason.

Just think how much simpler and less stressful life can become by working with me in this program.

the design your life program

Do you feel like you're waiting your potential and just going with the flow?

The Design Your Life Program is am amazingly quick and easy way to put together a life-plan, so you know where you're heading and what you want to achieve in life.

Over the course of 6 weeks you'll work to design your life, from your vision, to your values and strengths, and a concrete plan to make it all happen.

Your investment: £197 (lifetime access)

This program will give you clarity and direction in life in no time.


Without Ana’s input I feel I would have easily remained in a kind of fog, continuing to live my life in a less than satisfactory way. I now have tools that I can utilise to bring me round to my new way of looking at and working through life. This is so I can live the life I really want.
I will be forever grateful for the time I spent with Ana, having such invaluable sessions with her. They have been the catalyst I have so desperately yearned for, in order to bring about the life I really want to live.
Ana is the most amazing guide. Any person considering Ana as a coach will be well advised to grab the opportunity.
Make sure you bring an open mind and an open heart ready for the amazing changes you can affect.
Language Tutor and Artist, Birmingham, UK


I have had an epiphany while talking with Ana.
I learnt to speak for the other person to hear myself say out loud the reasons she was resentful towards me… oh what an eye opener!!
It’s a technique I hadn’t used before. It helped me to step outside of the situation and really look in.
Ana led me and listened, but honestly didn’t feel judged, but free from guilt and able to be more open.
If you're like me and wonder where to find someone to listen, to help guide you through a process of self help, then look no further than Ana at The Moonstone Practice.
I aim to follow up with more sessions.
Retired, West Bromwich, UK